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About the Challenge

Choose to walk, run, bike or swim — whatever physical activity you choose to be active. Do the activity for 20 minutes a day, every day, and join your co-workers and friends in being fit and healthy. Each time you achieve the 20-minute goal, you'll be eligible for donation rewards to the charity, Charlotte County Heart Walk. Participants can also contribute too.

*Even though the challenge starts on March 1st, we want all employees to have plenty of time to sign up and join the challenge and download the app beforehand. NOTE: Your activities recorded in the app from March 1 and onward only will be considered towards the challenge goal.

  1. From your SMARTPHONE ONLY, TAP on the Challenge Sign-Up Smart Link: OR scan the QR code (at the bottom of the email) using your smartphone camera. 


  1. You will then be prompted to download Givhero’s free App.  


Download the App and Sign up using your Charlotte County Email address (,,,,, and accept the March to Fitness challenge.