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Wellness Recognition


 Cigna Well-Being

Cigna Gold Level Designation Award 2022

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Cigna Outstanding Well-Being Award 2021 (Top-Tier Award)

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Cigna's mission is to improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve. One of the ways we do this is with our annual Well-Being Award.

This award puts spotlight on clients who share a drive and dedication to create a culture of well-being, where wellbeing is prioritized and imbedded into organizational values, goals and practices. These award winning organizations keep employees motivated and inspired to take action to feel and perform their best, no matter where they are in their personal health journey. These organizations are truly getting it right!

But let's not lose sight of the journey, as we know culture change doesn't happen overnight, but rather through a series of small victories. It starts with organizations that recognize the value of employee health and continually pursue it. 


Applicants of this award are evaluated on leadership, foundations, program implementation, tools and participation data. Applications are reviewed by an internal cross-functional/ cross-market evaluation committee, 10 clients were selected in the South Florida Market this year.


As part of this group we are pleased to announce Charlotte County recipient of Honorable Culture of Well-Being.


Charlotte County specifically stood out for their diverse and frequent wellness committee meetings, leaders really leading by example through engagement in the programs, spouse involvement and the variety of communication channels used to educate and encourage participation.


Congrats to all involved in Charlotte County's Wellness at Work Program for promoting a positive health environment that engages all employees & families in the pursuit of health & wellness.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Lifestyle Change Award by AHA


Award Recipient: Samantha Nichols

"Samantha has been an inspiration to me for a long time,
but is now helping me to reach my goal. By regular
exercise, healthy diet and a lot of determination. She
took the weight off slowly and gradually and has lost
49 pounds, and she is only 5'1! When she began
the weight loss, she was told that her blood sugars
were getting to high and her triglycerides were high,
all presenting a health risk. She deserves this award
10 times over in my opinion! She is now helping me
reach my goals, by letting me tag along with her at
the gym, and the supportive friend she has always
been for me." Submitted by Ronelle Moore

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Commit to Being Fit Winner



 Awards and Recognition

  • ​Cigna Gold Level Designation Award 2022

  • Cigna Well-Being Outstanding Award 2021Seal.PNG

  • Cigna Well-Being Honorable Award 2020

  • Healthy Weight Community Champion
    2017 - 2019

  • Cigna Well-Being Award 2015


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Healthy Wage: Slim to Win Challenge

CONGRATULATIONS, Team Oompa Loompa's

Wins $10,000: 1st place

Left to right: Team Oompa Loompa’s - Dee Hernandez, Jeffery Jozefiak,
Juan Hernandez, Felix Hernandez, and Felix Hernandez Jr.

In January, Wellness at Work announced the Slim to Win $10,000 challenge
by Healthy Wage offered to all employees, spouses and adult children. The
requirement included having five participants per team and a $70 entry fee
per person. Highly encouraged to earn team ribbons, which increases
engagement and partake in mini-challenges, Charlotte County had a total
of 11 teams competing against a total of 195 teams. One of our Charlotte
County teams, Oompa Loompa, won first place and the team will be receiving
a $10,000 prize! Woohoo!

Oompa Loompa’s percentage of weight lost was 16.32%. Team dynamic
is truly important, such as our winning team. Three team members work
for Public Safety as first responders, two are brothers, and husband, wife
and son trio. Each team member’s total weight loss over the course of
the challenge ranged from 38 to 50 lbs. This challenge shows us the
results are real.

The other two teams who won: second place, $5,000 - City of Fort
Myers Public Safety and third place, $3,000 - Lee County School
Board. Die Lard V team from Charlotte County Utilities also lost
12.03% of their weight. Way to go, team!

Great job to all 54 participates. Average weight loss was 5.7%. Total
pounds lost with all the participants was 708 pounds. This means an
average weight loss per person 13.1 pounds.

Wellness at Work will be presenting the prize to the team at the June
12, BCC meeting at Murdock. Come join us to celebrate their wonderful
achievement. All participants will have a chance to earn back the entry
fee by maintaining/losing 10% weight loss for nine months after the
challenge. Congratulations again to the Oompa Loompa. Fantastic job!

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Mission Nutrition

Catch your co-workers in the act of eating healthy and nominate them for a chance to win a $50 gift card. See flyer for more details. 


 Share Your Success Story


Wellness at Work would love to hear about any and all success you have
achieved related to health and wellness. Click the following link to submit
your success story:

"Every Success Starts With A Single Step"


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Witness the Fitness Winner

December 2018: Aswathy Warrier,

Peace River Manasota Regional
Water Supply Authority

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Mission Nutrition Winner

December 2018: Vinnie Treppiedi,

Supervisor of Elections  

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Witness the Fitness

Catch your co-workers in the act of fitness and nominate them for a chance to win a $50 gift card. See flyer for more details.